Well a person charged with a misdemeanor and brought to a facility here is not strip searched.They are only pat searched.

This is the story in Maryland;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

BALTIMORE -- Three strippers are suing the Maryland Transportation Authority Police Department for $5 million.

WBAL-TV in Baltimore reported that three male exotic dancers insist they were wrongly arrested and taken advantage of by officers.

The police stopped the three men on March 4 for a speeding violation. The men said the officers ordered them out of their sport utility vehicle, forced them to strip and confiscated $10,000 in cash that the dancers said they earned in tips.

"I feel very violated. Not only did he make us take our clothes off, but before asking me to take my clothes off, he said, 'I'm not gay.' That's very uncomfortable," said Edward Cloyd, one of the three dancers.

Simms reported the officers stopped the SUV at Fort McHenry tunnel because the female driver was speeding. The men had just finished a job in Philadelphia and said they were en route to Washington, D.C., for another performance.

"The police officer used the power of the state to force my clients -- who didnít have a choice -- to take their clothes off. That's not part of their regular policy and procedures, that's not how it's done," said Jimmy Bell, the dancers' attorney.