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    Boy hit by car; aunt suffers heart attack while praying over his fallen body...

    This family could sure use our thoughts and prayers. How much tragedy can one family suffer???

    Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/16/2006 | A family grieves for two of its own

    The boy was too young to die alone, so the woman who mothered the entire neighborhood went with him.

    That's how the family of Rafi Felder, 4, and Yvonne Felder, 50, were putting their deaths into perspective yesterday.

    The boy was fatally struck by a car as he dashed toward an ice cream truck. The woman, his aunt, suffered a heart attack while praying over his fallen body. They died minutes apart Sunday night at Temple University Hospital.

    "She's with him," said family member Ryedeara Langford, 17. "God took her to be with him."

    Rafi, his family said, was a boy coddled by everyone who knew him. He was born prematurely, a little too small, but his family saw that as a good thing: It gave Rafi's father, who was shot and killed five days after the boy's birth, the chance to hold him...

    "She was like a mother to him and to everyone in the neighborhood," her niece Yvonne Bowens, 14, said. "She was home cooking for everyone that day, saying, 'Come and get your plates. Come and get your Mother's Day plates.' "

    About 8 p.m., Rafi ran into his grandmother's house in the 3100 block of Diamond Street in Strawberry Mansion and announced that an ice cream truck had stopped across the street. He was told to sit on the front steps and wait for his aunt to buy ice cream for him and his cousins, relatives said.

    Instead, Rafi darted into the street and was hit by a car. Relatives rushed outside.

    Felder came running from blocks away. Kneeling on the ground next to Rafi, she began praying. Then, family members said, with Rafi's blood pooling around her, she toppled over...

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    Oh, Dear God. Prayers to this family.

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    This breaks my heart.
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    That poor family! Prayers!

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    Oh how sad....

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    so so sad, sending prayers their way
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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    This is terribly sad, but I could see how it would be a comfort to his family that she was with him on his next journey. Prayers for them.

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