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    LA - Five dead, 1 hurt in Baton Rouge church shooting, 21 May 2006

    A gunman opened fire at a church Sunday, killing at least three people before he abducted his wife and one of his children, police said.

    A manhunt was on for a suspect identified as Anthony Bell, 25, of Baton Rouge, Sgt. Charles Armstong said.

    Bell fled the church after abducting his wife and the infant from the building, Armstong said. The two older children were found safe at their home.

    Police were called about the shooting around 10 a.m., around the time church services would normally be close to ending. At least two others were injured, authorities said.


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    From what I understand he shot his wife's mom who is a pastor and his cousin at the church. He was also wanted on a warrant for domestic violence, issued in March of this year. Sad, sad case.

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    They've caught him...there is an update at your link posted above. He killed his wife at another location.

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    Lord, now he has killed his wife too. Total 5 people killed.


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    Another POS who wasnt stopped by a protection order.I dont know what the answer is .These A**holes are not afraid of the law at all.These poor children have lost so much ,their mother and their grandmother .Who will look after them

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    Alittle more information about Anthony Bell.

    WBRZ News2 Louisiana
    "...it isn't the first time Anthony Bell, 25, has been behind bars, as he was locked up seven years ago for abusing another woman..."


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    What gets me is this moron shot his wife and then called 911 to report her "suicide". Angry, crazy *and* stupid.

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    He was a "special piece of work." And that is the nicest thing I can say.

    I heard on my local news (from Monroe, LA) that his wife asked that the protection order be vacated.
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    From November 2010:


    The murder convictions and death penalty for Anthony Bell, who killed four of his in-laws and his wife after bursting into a Baton Rouge church in May 2006, were upheld Tuesday by Louisiana's Supreme Court.

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