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    VT - Bike Path Predator

    This person was sitting in the unit dayroom with the rest of the inmates.They were watching the news and saw this story......
    Needless to say,Taylor jumps up and runs with a few of the inmates chasing him.Others were yelling and swearing at him.He had to be taken from the unit and put into PC.(Protective Custody)He said that he wants to stay in the PC unit because he is now afraid to be with the inmates.

    news transcripts

    news link
    Burlington, Vermont - May 23, 2006
    "I can't think of anything that would be more frightening to anybody using the bike path than to have somebody chasing them," says Burlington Police Lt. Rich Long.
    It was 9:25 Tuesday morning when a woman was jogging down Depot Street toward Burlington's lakefront. That's when she encountered this man.
    "The woman believed she was going to be attacked by the man, he was chasing her, arms were out, it frightened her and put her in fear of her safety. She had to run for help," says Long.
    At 10:00 AM, police got another report. Different jogger, same situation. Police searched the bike path and found Larry Taylor, 45, near the Moran Plant. The first victim identified him as the man who assaulted her. He was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct.
    "We know he had a dangerous past, which includes convictions for other sex crimes," says Long.
    Taylor was arrested for sexual assaulting a woman at knifepoint in 1986. He wasn't captured until 2005. He also served nine years in prison for attempted murder in California in 1989.
    According to court records, Taylor was a transient who had been treated by Howard Mental Health Services. He had recently been kicked out of two shelters for inappropriate sexual behavior toward women.

    He also has a charge of a lewd act commited in the police station.

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    This man should have been locked up a long time ago instead of out wandering the streets and staying in homeless shelters.


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