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    Homeless man evicted from golf course

    MIAMI (AP) -- A man who lived on a golf course for 40 years was told to leave because some golfers complained that he scared them.

    Other golfers, however, said Kenny Bethel is harmless and should be allowed to stay at Palmetto Golf Course.

    Bethel, 55, first showed up at the golf course after he ran away from home in 1963. He collected and resold stray golf balls, used the club's showers and toilets at night and slept in a sheltered area on the course that housed the showers.

    "This course became my job and, later, my home," he said.

    For the last nine years, he had been joined by his wife Francis, 43. They have since relocated to a space under a nearby bridge.

    "What have I done to deserve this?" Bethel asked.

    Bethel now gets chased away by the staff when he tries to collect balls. And the restrooms are locked at night.

    "It's a huge dilemma," said Carlos McKeon, manager of Miami-Dade County Golf Operations. "We used to cast a benign eye on Kenny. But when a few golfers complained that he's trespassing and it's against the law, we had to get him off."

    Full Story from CNEWS

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    I wonder if this falls under "prescription" in the law...where somebody uses something as their own for more than seven-years (such as a path through someone's yard to get to school, day in day out)- of course this is my loose interpretation of it but it would be a challenging and interesting case for a newbie lawyer to take on!