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    PA - Thousands of counts of sex-related crimes

    PUNXSUTAWNEY - A Punxsutawney man charged with thousands of counts of sex-related crimes will not leave jail unless someone comes up with his $1 million bail.

    Clarence Earl Thomas, 56, formerly of Guzzo Road, Punxsutawney, was arrested in February on 10,160 counts of sex-related crimes. Recently, more charges were filed against Thomas, bringing the total number of counts to 12,420.

    Charges included involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; aggravated indecent assault; indecent assault; statutory sexual assault; and corruption of minors.


    Public Defender John Ingros opened by requesting that the incidents that happened outside of Jefferson County not be included with the other counts.

    Assistant District Attorney LeVieta Lerch pointed out that since the same three victims were assaulted continually over a period of approximately 20 years, the incidents could be classified as a “single criminal episode,” and all charges should be tried together.

    Chambers denied the motion and decided to allow all charges to stand.

    All three victims testified against Thomas in great detail at the hearing.

    The rest of the story:

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    Man Convicted of 971 Sex Counts

    (This is the same name. I guess its a follow up to the original story)

    BROOKVILLE, Pa. (AP) -- A man was convicted of several hundred sex-crime counts for abusing a girl for a decade.
    A jury found Clarence Thomas, 56, guilty Tuesday of 971 counts. Those included more than 100 charges each of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors; more than 200 counts of aggravated indecent assault; and nearly 400 counts of indecent assault.

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    What do you all make of his excuse of being grossly overweight and sick during that time? Would that have stopped him?

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