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    Local boy helps raise money for resident’s heart transplant

    His white T-shirt covered in pink splotches and splashes, his lips outlined with cherry red stains, a Clovis first-grader spent most of his Saturday selling Kool-Aid to help a local resident.

    Seated under cover of an umbrella at a little stand situated by the front door of Wal-Mart, Daniel Claypoole, 6, alternated between filling cups and watching people pass by. His mother, Brandi Barrett, said he concocted the plan to raise money after he overheard her discussing the plight of local resident Jim Whary, who is waiting for a heart transplant.

    “He wanted to donate his allowance,” his mother said, explaining he decided to set up his Kool-Aid stand to raise more money for Whary.

    “I thought I’d help him,” Daniel said in a matter of fact way. “God wants us to help others.”

    The youngster drew a heart on his T-shirt, writing Whary’s name across the top. He helped his grandmother make Kool-Aid and treats, and made signs to decorate the stand with a little help from family.

    Local businesses made donations and provided supplies, Barrett said. McDonald’s restaurant provided cups and some of the beverages. Farmers Electric, Sonic, Wal-Mart and Twin Cronies also pitched in.

    After more than three hours, Daniel had raised an estimated $150 to help Whary and his family with incidental expenses as he goes through the transplant process.

    Daniel and Whary met for the first time earlier this week, when the boy presented him with a heart-shaped balloon and talked with him about the plan.

    Placed on the transplant list about two weeks ago, Whary is ninth in line to receive a heart. The transplant will be done in Tucson, Ariz., at the University of Arizona Medical Center. The estimated wait for a heart to become available is six to eight months, according to Whary’s wife, Cindy Whary.

    Whary with his wife stopped by the Kool-Aid stand to thank Daniel. He said he was in awe of the child’s efforts and very thankful. “I think it’s just fantastic. He’s an awesome little dude,” he said.

    “When I get my new heart, I hope it is as good as the one he’s got.”


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    I'm sitting in my office with tears rolling down my face. What a sweet story and what a sweet little boy. God bless him!
    Step right up and see the Yakwoman! Only 25 cents a look!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whary
    “When I get my new heart, I hope it is as good as the one he’s got.”
    I think that's the coolest thing I've ever heard someone say.

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    That was another nice article Timex. I would love to be able to give that little boy a hug.

    I was searching for your posts to find out what was going on. I found this one, quoted below:

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    Insurance and health care coverage is a touchy area for me right now. We have good insurance, but are still facing losing everything we own, because insurance doesnt pay enough. We "make too much" to qualify for help, yet dont make near enough to pay the medical bills we are facing.

    Our very first evaluation was NOT medical, but financial. We had to prove we could pay before we ever got back to see the medical staff. No $$ = no heart transplant. Thats the cold hard facts.

    I certainly dont claim to have any answers, but I can say what we are doing now doesnt work when there is any type of serious medical problems. My husbands expenses for the first year will run around $687,000...even if we only have to pay 10% of that we will be wiped out. His medications will run over $26,000 year for the rest of his life. Again, our cost shares will leave us struggling to do this year after year. Of course, we will do what we have to do, even that means we lose everything, but, IMO, it should not be this way. He has worked since he was 17 years old. Served his country for 20 years, and his state for 13...yet we face a future of barely being able to pay our bills.

    This is not news that makes you smile, but these facts should be written up for any future fundraisers held for Jim.

    Still wishing, praying for some sort of miracle for your finances. Meanwhile, hope your next appointment June 1st to 3rd goes well.

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    Timex...what a wonderful story!! It is so devestating what has happened to our health care system. Best in the world, if you can afford it. We have good insurance but still I hesitate to go to the dr. because of the co-payment and prescription costs. I will always take my kids, but my husband and myself kinda wait to the last minute...and we shouldn't...
    And we are no where near the situation you are in...It shouldn't be this difficult...

    You and your husband will remain in my prayers....


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    Good morning all:

    I need to go in and update our website, will try to do so here in the next day or so. For now, I will give a quick update for you all.

    As I mentioned before, we will leave for Tucson June 1. Our appointment is June 2nd. We will return home June 4th. We are staying an extra day to give Jim time to rest up before the long drive back.

    Jim is holding his own, although he tires quickly and is losing a bit more weight than I would like. He is still working at the park, doing mostly administrative tasks. This past week had him traveling quite a bit, which left us at the ER yesterday morning. He woke up yesterday with bruises from his ankles to his knees, and we could feel small "lumps" on the back of his legs. We feared perhaps he had blod clots. ER staff reported some "deep vein thrombosis", and has advised him not to do long trips. This means our drive to Tuscon will take a bit longer, as we will need to make frequent stops to allow him to walk around a bit.

    The heir (Michael) graduated last Saturday. We joined hundreds of other parents in our high school gymnasium to watch the event. As I sat waiting for him to cross the stage, I couldnt help but wonder how 18 years could pass so quickly. Just when did our boy become a man? (a man that still cannot find 2 matching socks on any given morning) His departure date for Officers leadership school has been moved up. He was to leave July 5th, but got notified last week he would be leaving June 26. He is excited, and anxiously awaits the challenges that he faces on the next leg of his adventure through life.

    Emily is now officially a junior in high school. School has been out for all of 3 days, and already we are hearing "I'm bored...there's nothing to do". Ahhhh the beauty of having a 16 year old daughter. She is looking forward to Band Camp in July...the one time each year when she gets to hook up with friends from around the US, as well as from many other countries. For thier "big" trip this year, the high school band went to Disney, in Orlando. She called home each time they crossed a state line, and gave us a quick report on what she was seeing. She was fasinated with how "green" other states are, compared to our native New Mexico. She would call after going on a ride at Disney, to tell us if it was a "good" or "bad" attraction. They got to go to the beach for a few hours one day. She was in awe of all she got to see. The photo's from the trip tell quite a story. A great time was had by all, and I am so glad she got the chance to go.

    We have just kicked off our biggest and what I hope to be last fundraiser. One of the local RV dealers has given us a brand new 2006 travel trailer to raffle off. Let me re-phrase that. They gave it to us at cost, so we can make a good profit. It is a 2006 Gulfstream Amerilite 21ft Trailer. We are selling tickets for $10.00 each...a total of 3000 tickets will be sold. So far tickets seem to be selling well. The drawing will be held July 15. I will be posting photo's of the trailer on our website (hopefully this afternoon).

    I guess that is all the news for now. I must be off and running to take care of a few "last minute" things before we head out of town. Jim doesnt know it, but some friends of ours are going to try to landscape our front yard while we are away next week. They are going to do everything in native plants etc, to minimize the amount of work and time it takes to keep it maintained. It is to be a surprise, so I havent told the kids. (God knows it wouldnt be a secret if they knew).

    Will pop in as time allows. Thanks to all for the prayers and good wishes.

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