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    Abducted man shoots carjackers

    From the Houston Chronicle
    "...Two teenagers who police said tried to steal a Rosenberg man's luxury car picked the wrong person, the wrong place and the wrong time..."

    Mercy, you just don't know what's going to happen when you try to carjack now-a-days. Might better think about it before you go stealing a car someone has worked hard to get.

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    Well good for him!! No telling what they intended to do, they had a gun and ordered him to lay down so very possibly intended to shoot him. I hope they find out who the other people were that were involved. This man had every right to protect himself and I'm glad he's not being charged for anything.

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    As the wise philosopher "Dirty" Harry Callahan once said: "Nothing wrong with a little shooting - as long as the right people get shot."

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