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    3 yr old has scorpions as play pals!

    Good grief! What on earth could these parents be thinking? Or not thinking?! Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!

    Three-year-old girl has scorpions as play pals!


    Lakhimpur Kheri (UP): It's a story straight out of born in the wild.

    At a time when most three-year-olds' would rather chase butterflies, Sheeba scouts the dry soil in her backyard for scorpions.

    A fetish that started off unnoticed by her family soon acquired a celebrity ranking in her dusty village, Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. News spread fast about her bizarre playtime antics and now the chubby toddler often puts up "shows" for curious visitors.

    "I like them," says Sheeba says about her "friends", the scorpions.


    "It is a natural thing with her. It was an inborn quality. She would pick up the scorpions and play with them. We scolded her, told her they would sting her if agitated, but she never listened to us. Finally we gave up, as we could not see her cry so much and let her play with them at will. Now we don't mind it," says Sheeba's elder sister Nasreen.
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    The parents are NUTS...

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    OMG!!!!! I've been stung and I did nothing to agitate it!!!!! I was just in its way I guess!

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