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    UK - Stalking paedophile back in jail

    A paedophile who was caught stalking youngsters in Hertfordshire just days after being released from prison has been jailed for 10 years.
    Christopher Williams, 40, was jailed in 1991 for kidnapping a four-year-old boy, and again in 1997 for abducting and sexually assaulting another boy.
    After his release last year, police saw him following children in Hoddesdon.


    He should never have been released and he should get life, not just 10 years!

    why is it not understood paedophiles can not be reformed?

    Judge Findlay Baker said he had reached the conclusion that Williams had "an uncontrolled compulsion which makes it almost inevitable that, if given the opportunity he will re-offend" and commit a serious offence.

    He said: "From his evidence it is clear to me that the defendant is bitter, angry, devious, manipulative and dishonest; also that he lacks insight into his own defects of personality to the point of being blind about them."

    again why only a further 10 years and not life? they know once released gain he will attack a child!

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    I so agree with you Floh! They are sick sick sick people who visualize children as sexual objects...you cannot fix that kind of behaviour, it is just too sub human. Granted, there are exceptions, say in the case of a 19 yr old who consensually sleeps w/ say a 15 year old but could still be charged w/ a molestation charge---BUT as we know that is not the norm...the norm are the pervs who should never get out!

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    <<He should never have been released and he should get life, not just 10 years! why is it not understood paedophiles can not be reformed?>>

    I agree.
    There is no being reformed for a pedophile, it is in their nature , it is what gets them off.....just like being heterosexual gets me off lol, I couldn't change that fact anymore than I could change my skin colour.
    Once a pedophile always a pedophile I say....lock them up for life.... and cut their you know what off whilst your at it!

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