Stalled Durham murder case frustrates relatives of victims

Associated Press

Durham | For the past six months, Lennis Harris Sr. has replayed the scene in his mind - his son begging for mercy at the gunpoint of a killer.

Lennis Harris Jr., 24, was one of five young men shot execution-style in the back bedroom of a Durham town house. Four died.

Since November, Harris has waited patiently for arrests in his son's murder. There haven't been any. He asked questions. He got no answers. What about DNA test results? Nothing.

Even after the DNA samples of 46 lacrosse players accused of rape were rushed through the state lab within three weeks, DNA collected from the bloody murder scene in November was still untouched.

Harris said he and the other parents became incensed.

"The priorities are out of whack," Harris said Thursday. "We'll probably never know exactly what happened in that rape case. But what we know with absolute certainty is that four young men were killed, another left for dead, and that those killers are still walking the streets."

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***Lennis Harris Jr's father was on H&C tonight. I saw the last few minutes. Something is very wrong here, DNA testing from the crime scene still not tested! November????