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    TX - Serial Rapist in Lubbock Texas

    Several young women in Lubbock Texas have been abducted, tasered, tied up, bag thrown over the head and assaulted. This is the same town where there are still 2 missing girls and a recent arrest for a murdered young woman put into the suitcase and placed in the landfill.


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    Possible Rapist Caught

    I just wanted to post that the serial rapist has most likely been caught since I started the thread during the time that there were several missing women. Two more kidnap/rapes happened this month and three more victims came forward. There were at least eight victims.


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    I'm glad this habitual offender was caught. I hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars.
    I didn't know about the crimes until now- they weren't reported in N. Texas, which is odd. I'm glad they got the person they think was responsible.
    Thanks for the two news articles.

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    Problem is, he'll get a few measely years in prison learning how not to get caught. When they let him out, he'll be meaner and harder to catch.


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