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    GA - Two adults, two kids found dead after arson fire, Hoschton, 30 May 2006

    I hope they are able to find this person soon!

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    Man hit by train had lost family in slaying arson

    I hadn't heard about this:
    "...A man who was struck by a train in the Buford area Monday evening is the father of two children whose bodies were found along with that of their mother and grandmother in a Jackson County home that had been set..."

    If there is another thread on this would the moderators please merge or delete this one?

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    OMG! Was he on the tracks because of grief or because he did this? What a tragic, tragic story.
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    How sad. The article doesn't say whether the couple were seperated or together. The whole family were murdered before the house was set fire. I wonder if the couple were having problems? Those little kids are so cute.

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    Authorities mum on status of slain children's father Struck by train

    "...Also, a Gwinnett police detective said Wednesday that Stringer was considered a suspect in the May 30 murder-arson. However, neither the Georgia Bureau of Investigation nor Hoschton police Chief David Hill - who are investigating the quadruple homicide of Stringer's two children and the children's mother and grandmother - would say whether Stringer is in fact a suspect in the case..."


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    From February 2010:


    Henry Lee Stringer, 37, pleaded guilty to a May 2006 murder-arson in a negotiated guilty plea made to avoid the death penalty... Jackson County Superior Court Judge Joseph Booth sentenced Stringer to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Stringer was charged with the murders of his former girlfriend, Marvelette Strickland, 29; her mother, Evelyn Strickland, 68; and the two children Stringer had with his ex-girlfriend, J’Majuan, 4, and J’Lasia, 2.

    Authorities say the women were stabbed to death and the children died after a fire was set in the small wood-frame house on Pendergrass Road.

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