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    Train hits car, killing three in Tennessee

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    MOSCOW, Tenn. Three people are dead after a train hit a car in western Tennessee Friday.

    authorities say everyone in the car was female. Three of them were teenagers -- 13, 16 and 19 years old.

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    I hate train crossings that don't have a gate or bells. A stop sign is just not good enough in my opinion.

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    I agree. THere is no excuse not to have the crossing arms and ligths at EVERY train crossing!!

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    Very tragic! We lived in Italy and none of their train crossings where we lived were even marked with a stop sign! I used to make my husband stop at every single one and roll down the windows and listen! Unmarked train crossings are so extremely dangerous!

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    I agree that there SHOULD be signals and the cross gates. But it is the driver of the CAR's responsiblity to: stop, look, listen. Those train tracks weren't put up overnight, so if you travel a route where you know there is a railroad crossing, it is up to you to make sure you stay out of the on-coming trains way. It won't jump off the tracks to chase you down, so you are putting yourself in their way. In this day and age where self-accountability is an atiquated notion, it's easy to forget that.

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