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    CA - Princess Berthomieux, 15, beaten & strangled, Inglewood, 19 March 2002

    A lot of information in this article.


    Inglewood homicide detective Jeffrey Steinhoff was stumped by the March 2002 killing of a girl named Princess: Only 14 years old, the runaway from Hawthorne had been in and out of foster homes and was working as a prostitute when she was murdered. Her nude body was dumped in bushes in an alley.

    The trail for her killer had gone cold. But in December 2004, Steinhoff learned of a possible breakthrough: The sheriff’s crime lab found traces of the same DNA on her body and two other slain women. In 2005, another match was made, suggesting that four victims could have been killed by the same person. Further, Princess Berthomieux and one of the women had been strangled; the other two had been shot with a .25-caliber handgun. Ballistics tests linked those two cases with six other handgun killings.

    Suddenly, the mystery of Princess’ death triggered more frightening questions: Was a single serial killer responsible for the murders of at least 10 victims in L.A. County? And was this person still on the loose? The DNA didn’t match any names in police databases so there was little the detective could do with the new information. Then, last summer, on August 3, he got a phone call from a Fresno County District Attorney’s Office investigator. A jail inmate named Roger Hausmann, accused of kidnapping two teenaged girls, had allegedly made some troubling statements about killing prostitutes in Los Angeles. Was this guy connected to the murders of Princess and nine others?

    More at link.

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    Very interesting article. Thank you for posting it. I hope the DNA results are back sooner rather than later. This guy, Hausmann, is beyond words.
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    From August 2011:


    The Los Angeles County district attorney's office said Monday it would seek the death penalty against Lonnie David Franklin Jr., the suspected Grim Sleeper who is accused of murder in the deaths of 10 women in South L.A.

    Franklin, 57, was arrested in July 2010 at his South L.A. home and charged with murder in the slayings of Debra Jackson, 29; Henrietta Wright, 35; Barbara Ware, 23; Bernita Sparks, age unknown; Mary Lowe, 26; Lachrica Jefferson, 22; Alicia Alexander, 18; Princess Berthomieux, 15; Valerie McCorvey, 35; and Janecia Peters, 25.
    From last month:


    Nearly 70 potential panelists were asked today to fill out questionnaires during the second day of jury selection for the trial of the man charged in the “Grim Sleeper” killings of nine women and a teenage girl between 1985 and 2007...

    The judge instructed the first set of prospective jurors to fill out questionnaires and return to court Jan. 25, when they are expected to be orally questioned after the judge and attorneys review the jury questionnaires...

    The judge estimated that the trial could last about three months, concluding some time in April.

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