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    Angry Texas;Naval chief petty officer killed by carjacker while home on leave

    What in the hell is wrong with the people in our own country!!!!I say that this should be an automatic death penalty.This is not the first time that I have seen a headline like this.If a state does not have the death penalty,then the Feds should over ride the murders of anyone serving our country.....

    DALLAS A Navy officer on leave from the Middle East is dead in a carjacking just days before he was to return to duty.

    Two men targeted Chief Petty Officer Kameron Pratt while he was parked in the driveway of his parents' home on Friday night. Police say one of the men shot Pratt and stole his vehicle.
    news link

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    How horrible! I hope they find whoever did this.

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    Disgusting! Luckily Texas has the death penalty!

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    Isn't that sad. I've noticed that Texas isn't afraid to fry the people who get the death penalty.

    Not long ago a man came home from overseas either on leave or he had completed his duty. His wife had found a boyfriend and one night or really early in the morn she told him that she wanted to go for a walk in the park and he was murdered. Of course she was caught. She tried to say that someone else did it. Can't remember if the boyfriend was involved or not but I know that she was. I think he had a big ole insurance policy.

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    i have not read the paper yet this morning but last night on the news they said they had found his truck.


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