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    KS - Alieghya Clark, 21, Olathe, 27 May 2006

    I can't find a thread on her by entering her name in the Search function. If there is already a thread, please excuse.

    Missing poster and information:

    Also, the person of interest in Alieghya's dissapearance in Kansas has been picked up near where her truck was found in Anderson, SC:


    ANDERSON, S.C. -- A man wanted in the disappearance of a Kansas woman has been arrested in Anderson County.

    State troopers said that they picked up Roger Dale Ratliff on Saturday near Highway 24 and Interstate 85.

    He is being held in the Anderson County Detention Center, charged with walking and standing on an Interstate and being a fugitive from justice.

    Police in Olathe, Kan., said that Ratliff is a person of interest in the disappearance of 21-year-old Alieghya Clark.

    ~more at link~

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    I hope they gets some answers from him as to where she is.

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    KS-Human remains could be those of missing woman Alieghya Clark, 21, Olathe

    Human remains could be those of missing woman

    OLATHE - Olathe police were investigating whether human remains found Friday in a wooded area in Miami County were those of a woman who has been missing for two months.

    Divers with the Overland Park Police Department also retrieved related evidence Friday evening from Frisco Lake, which is less than a mile from the woman's Olathe apartment.

    Alieghya Clark, 21, disappeared May 28, and Olathe police officials have said for weeks they were missing key pieces in the case.

    "This is the break we've been waiting for," Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison said.

    Olathe police spokesman Sgt. Mike Butaud said Friday night that it was too early to know if the discovery would solve the Clark mystery. Significant work has to be done, he said, before investigators know the identity, or even gender, of the remains. That could take days.

    "They (the remains) appear to have been out in the elements for a period of time," Butaud said.

    More: http://www.hutchnews.com/news/region...an072306.shtml
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    It is the luck of the draw that remains are ever found. I believe tips are necessary in all cases and there are people who can provide these tips.

    I am in a despondent mood where I think help can be obtained but people are reluctant to provide answers. She never got any press that I know of but yet she is a recently missing person. Alieghya, someone knows what happened to you.

    This just breaks my heart over and over. But, I am getting tougher. We all need to get tougher with these crimes. It can't be that we are extinguished from earth at the hands of a sociopathic killer.It has to be that people help LE in determining who that is and how it can be prevented.

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    Whoever is calling in these tips obviously knows who was involved in the murder or they wouldn't have known that items had been thrown in the water.
    If you know where the body is and items either belonging to the victim or used to murder the victim then you must know who murdered the victim. I hope that person tells LE who the killer is.

    It seems like it does almost always take leads/tips from the public to find a missing or murdered person unless someone just happens to stumble upon a body. If a person knows something about a crime I don't know why they don't at least make a call from a pay phone and give LE that info. Don't they realize that there are families that are living in hell not knowing where their loved ones are? It's sad how some people just refuse to get involved even if they don't give LE their names. I guess it is that old attitude of "it isn't my problem."

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    Remains belong to missing Olathe woman


    Remains found Friday in a wooded area near Paola have been identified as those of Alieghya Clark, an Olathe woman missing for nearly two months.

    The Miami County Sheriff’s department issued a release with the identification this afternoon. The investigation is considered a homicide, and Olathe police continue to collaborate with the sheriff’s department on the case.

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    How sad. She was only 21 yrs. I wonder if that fugitive that they picked up told them where her body was?

    The link above that says her pic is there is actually a guest book for people to sign for the family.

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    Experts cite flaw in sex offender laws
    Minnesota didn’t consider him a high risk to reoffend, so he wasn’t registered.

    Alieghya Clark had no way of knowing the man she went to church with — the man accused of raping and killing her — had sexually attacked someone years ago.

    Roger Ratliff’s own wife said she knew little about what happened in the mid-1980s. The state of Kansas had no record of the conviction. And no public registry across the nation carried Ratliff’s photo or name.

    That’s because Minnesota, where he committed the sexual assault, didn’t consider him a high risk to reoffend, and that meant he wasn’t required to be on the public list. And when he moved to Kansas, he didn’t have to register because the crime occurred before the 1994 public registry law went into effect.

    “For people to find out about old convictions, it’s almost impossible,” said Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison. “Should she have known he was a sex offender? It would have been next to impossible for her to have known that.”


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    From 2013:


    Miller remembers one high-profile rape and murder case in 2006, in which 21-year-old Alieghya Clark went missing in Olathe and her body was found in Miami County...

    Roger Ratliff pleaded guilty to one count of capital murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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