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    CT - Man Allegedly Stalked, Threatened Woman He Knew In Grade School


    Man Allegedly Stalked, Threatened Woman He Knew In Grade School

    POSTED: 8:14 pm EDT June 22, 2006

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    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- BC-CT--StalkerfromSchool 1stLd-Writethru 06-22 0356 A 20-year-old Minnesota man was indicted Thursday on federal charges that he stalked and threatened to kill a former elementary school classmate in Connecticut.

    Anthony Perone of Fairmont, Minn., called and then sent two threatening letters to the home of the woman's grandparents in Bridgeport in May, according to an affidavit from a federal postal inspector.

    The letters included professions of love, cryptic clues about the sender, threats and colored-pencil drawings, including a drawing of a heart with a chunk bitten out of it, a rifle, and a tombstone.

    "For 20 years you lived a rich life with everything. Money, family. Being popular. It's now gonna end. Your gonna learn about suffering and having nothing. Pain you will feel. Fear, Being alive," one letter read in part.
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    The letter was signed, "Love, Death Stalker."

    Both envelopes contained Perone's name and return address.

    On June, 6, authorities searched Perone's parents home and found in his room a loaded and recently purchased assault rifle, a backpack with several rounds of ammunition, and other threatening letters and drawings of the victim and her family, according to the affidavit.

    They also found a suitcase packed with a machete, knives, flashlights, tools, wire and documents indicating that Perone planned to travel to Connecticut.

    Perone confessed to writing the letters, which he said he gave to his mother to mail, the affidavit states. His mother told authorities she had no idea what was in the letters, so she added a name and return address to the envelopes and mailed them off.

    Perone and the Connecticut woman went to third and fourth grade together in Connecticut authorities said.

    He told police he found her address at the library.

    If convicted of interstate stalking and mailing threats across state lines, Perone faces up to 10 years prison and $500,000 in fines.

    Perone faces up to 10 years prison and $500,000 in fines?

    Excuse me 10 years is a disgrace. This guy will get out and do this again.

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    That is so funny that it was his mom who added his name and address on the letters I thought "you go mom!" Thank God she did that or he would have probably carried through with the murder.

    This is so strange. I wonder if she slighted him or he thought she did in grade school and it was something that he never did forget? That is a long time to stew over what ever it was. There must have been more than 1 little girl in his class that came from a well to do family. He has to have some kind of mental health problems to actually plan to go through with his plan. Scary.

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    He must be a Momma's boy if he has his Mom mail his letters and she feels she needs to take care of him by adding the return address.

    Gotta love doting Moms!
    FUN... is a renewable resource!

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