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    TX - Jeeta Graeber, 33, & Cerrelle Belt, 19, murdered, Austin, 1984 & 1990

    Seeing this mans picture just gives me the creeps! So glad they've been able to make an arrest but no telling how many other victims there are.


    I couldn't find any threads to either of the 2 victims named, if there is one please delete this thread.

    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    One woman was a flight attendant, the other a teenager with plans to go to college. Their slayings were separated by six years, and both cases had long gone cold before a DNA match in 1999 linked them and helped lead to a suspect.

    On Monday, Austin police announced murder charges against 44-year-old Martin Torres, accusing him of sexually assaulting and killing 33-year-old Jeeta Graeber in 1984 and 19-year-old Cerrelle Belt in 1990.

    More at link.

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    Suspect Torres...

    From the link:
    They learned that Torres was in a Nuevo Laredo prison for what Neff called "a crime of a violent nature." ... Police said they began negotiating with Mexico for Torres' extradition when he was released from prison. Months passed before U.S. Marshal's Service agents and Mexican federal police tracked him down in November 2005, and months more passed before Mexico agreed to let U.S. officials bring him back to Austin.
    "We had to agree not to try him for the death penalty in order to get him out of Mexico," Neff said. "We certainly had to honor that agreement with Mexican officials." (Unquote)

    So he is looking at a life of luxury at US taxpayer expense.

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    From November 2007:


    Punishment came swiftly Wednesday for Martin Vega Torres, 46, who had eluded Austin police for 20 years in connection with a shocking slaying. State District Judge Wilford Flowers took less than a minute to sentence Torres to life in prison for the murder of 33-year-old flight attendant Jeeta Lynn Graeber...

    He will be eligible for parole in 20 years because the law in effect in 1984 did not offer life without parole as a sentencing option.

    He also faces trial in connection with the slaying of Cerrelle Belt, 19, a student killed in her North Austin apartment in 1990 in a manner similar to Graeber.
    Can't find any MSM on that second trial, but Texas DOC says he's now serving two life sentences for murder:


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