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    Monkey Loose In VA


    The 20-pound Japanese macaque and her family were being moved from their holding cells to the exhibit for routine feeding and cleaning when she got away Sunday morning, said David Jobe, education curator at Mill Mountain Zoo. She was still on the run Monday morning.

    This is Really very dangerous I hope that people near there are aware and keep their pets and children inside.

    My Friend had a large exotic farm and one time her Snow macaque got loose.
    Animal control went out to the farm to issue her a citation (She called and told them the monkey was loose)
    They were so afraid they would not even get out of the truck and forgot to leave the citation.
    When my friend finally did catch the monkey it tore the heck out of her arm.

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    Hey! Looks like the Japanese macaque is also called a Snow monkey, so its the exact same monkey as your friend! Here's a picture of one:


    Doesn't look very friendly to me... Or cute....

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    I live about 20 miles from the Mill Mountain zoo. The whole community is on the look out for the Oops. The zoo is right beside the Blue Ridge parkway with lots of forest - I hope they find Oops.

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    I always loved monkeys growing up. I had, monkey this monkey that. Always said growing up, that I didn't want children, just monkey's! It didn't work out, the way I planned it though!! Dang it!!

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