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    OH - 7 Face Charges In Connection With Kidnapping

    NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio -- Authorities located and rescued a girl who was being held for ransom Monday morning.

    The girl heard at knock at her front door in the early-morning hours and found a woman asking for help. The 17-year-old brought a telephone to the woman, police said, when several people forced their way inside.

    The girl's mother was working third shift and found her daughter was missing when she got home.

    Pic of house where she was held and one of the kidnappers

    Video and more pics

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    With all of the ways to make money in this world - even illegal ways - there is no excuse for putting someone through this ordeal for money. Just steal and sell something for crying out loud. :-(
    FUN... is a renewable resource!

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    Thank god she was found and not hurt.......

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