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    Kentucky couple reigns over rain in Vermont

    This couples heart reigns over all of the constant rain that we have here.(it was raining AGAIN today)
    Their kindness to us really rules over the constant dreary weather that we have been having.(Tricia has family here)
    I am not a farmer,I do not use hay (well except for halloween when I stuff a scarecrow),I just had to put this story up.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    news link
    A Northern Kentucky farmer who learned through family of the difficulties facing Vermont dairy farmers is offering free hay to help them recover from incessant rain.

    Tricia Houston of Warsaw, contacted Vermont officials offering 53 large, round bales of hay to any Vermont dairy operation that could pick it up.

    "It made sense to me to offer it up," she said. "I would network to get more if farmers needed it."

    Frequent rain in May and June have made it difficult and sometimes impossible for Vermont farmers to gather their hay crops. The U.S. Agriculture Department has declared a disaster, making it possible for farmers to apply for assistance.
    Houston said she owns a 30-acre farm with her husband. They raise grapes and are planning to expand their vineyard and build a winery on about 20 acres, where they just cut hay.

    our news transcripts
    A farmer from Kentucky is offering to help Vermont farmers.... All the wet weather has made it difficult for many farmers to hay their fields. That could force them to have to buy feed for their herds. Now a Kentucky farmer -- Tricia Houston -- is offering 53 large round bales of hay to farmers for free. They just have to go pick them up. Houston -- who has family in Bristol -- contacted the state when she heard the rain ruined so many crops.

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    Thanks for posting this. I love stories of people helping others. We're all on this planet for a short time. What a better world it would be if more people worked for peace and helping each other.

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    Well hello there Montana,

    I really appreciate your post.Thank-you for taking the time to read the article and posting.

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