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    "As the World Turns" actor commits suicide

    HUNTINGTON, New York - Benjamin Hendrickson, an Emmy Award-winning actor on the "As the World Turns" soap opera, committed suicide this week with a gunshot to the head, police said.


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    Wow...that is very sad. He has been Hal Munson forEVER!
    I am very sorry he felt he could not get help....


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    Oh Man! I really liked him.

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    I don't watch soaps, but it's too bad. The article said that he had been battling depression since the death of his mother is 2003 (I think).

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    He was a good actor, not a pretty boy - in fact, rugged, like a guy anyone might know. That is really sad. My mom and I always watched that soap, so did my grandma! I just saw him on the show today - the storyline had him at his daughter's funeral (taped). May he rest in peace.


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