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    FL - Daniel Robinson, newborn, Tallahassee, July 2006

    I was going to post this case in the Missing forum yesterday but it was solved so quickly, LE did not even have to get an Amber alert out. Just goes to show what can happen when all the LE depts. work together to get something done:


    Baby Daniel Robinson went through a lot during the first four days of his life.

    He was born Monday, authorities said, with cocaine in his system and placed on a cocaine monitor. Police reports say he was smuggled out of the hospital in a duffel bag, driven to Blountstown to a relative's house, found by law enforcement and turned over to state authorities.
    DCF decided to place the baby in protective custody because the agency took custody of two of Melody Robinson's older children at birth for the same reason, according to the document. DCF officials could not be reached for comment Friday.

    The document said Jalaber had Melody Robinson sign an acknowledgement form regarding the issue and containing information about the date, time and place of a court hearing.

    While Melody Robinson was feeding Daniel later Thursday under the supervision of a nurse, she allegedly asked the nurse to give her privacy to use the restroom. When the nurse checked back 20 minutes later, Robinson and Daniel were gone.
    Baby Daniel and his mother became the objects of a search by officers and agents from the Tallahassee Police Department; North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force; Leon, Calhoun and Gadsden sheriff's offices; the National Center for Missing and Endangered Children; and other agencies.

    The search continued until 2:16 p.m. Friday in Calhoun County, when Calhoun County Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Mallory traced Robinson's whereabouts to the home of her sister, Lucy Mathews, in Blountstown.

    Mallory said he went to the door of the home, which was opened by a woman holding a small child wearing what appeared to be hospital blankets. Mallory asked the woman to hand him the baby, which she did.

    The woman said Robinson was not at the house, but another officer found her inside, sitting on a couch.
    Tallahassee Police Officer John Creamer said Robinson was arrested on one charge of interfering with child custody. The charge is a third-degree felony, Creamer said. She was being held in the Calhoun County Jail on Friday night.

    "Our main focus was to make sure the baby was found safe and in good condition," Creamer said. "This was the work of a number of agencies working together."

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    I know you can't do this, but in this case her tubes should be tied...
    She should never have children.....

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    I agree! She has proven time and again that she's an unfit mother. The government now will be paying the price of caring for each of her children, she should have to be obligated to pay for their care but that will never happen. A year from now she'll probably be having another one. It's so unfair.

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    Well, that nurse made a boo-boo. At my hospital, if we have a DCS case and mom is allowed to see baby with nursing supervision, that baby is not to be left with mom alone for any reason. When she left the room, she should have taken the baby with her. Good grief, that's only common sense.

    It's unreal how many drug addicted babies are born into this world anymore. I see it every day - and what's so bad is these girls/women don't have a clue. They don't think they're hurting their babies - and those that do understand it, don't care.

    Oh, and I agree, and will be first on the bandwagon for involuntary sterilization for these folks, especially any who have had more than one child.
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