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    IN - Scott Dick, Tracy Holvoet & Connie Zalewski, slain, South Bend, 25 Aug 1990

    These murders happened in 1990 in South Bend, IN. Three people shot in cold blood. The young man that was killed grew up in the church we attend. We know his parents. They have been through so much, and Scott's death has just ruined their health. This is the third trial they will have to endure.


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    What a mess this has been. It's hard to believe that he wasn't even arrested when it happened. I sincerely hope that everyone gets it right this time. This guy deserves to be sent up for the rest of his life. I hope each side has everything that they are supposed to have....discovery, evidence, and everyone is on the up and up with no mistakes. These poor families have just been through hell. I can't imagine having to set through three trials just hoping that someone gets it right. Prayers that this will be the final trial. He should actually get the death sentence but I know the court has to go by the laws in 1990 so he probably won't get it.

    Please keep us posted on this trial.

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    From December 2006:


    It seems unlikely that anyone, with the exception of Christopher Allen, feels relief that his involvement in the Osco case is concluded. Relief wasn't an option as prosecutors struggled with the decision of whether or not to try Allen a fourth time for the murders 16 years ago of three Osco Drug employees.

    St. Joseph County Prosecutor Michael Dvorak, in consultation with special prosecutor Michael McAlexander, determined that there will be no fourth trial. Murder charges against Allen are being dismissed... With no new evidence and a very complete record of jury response to existing evidence, they could only conclude that a conviction in a fourth trial was unlikely...

    The first and third trials ended in hung juries. Allen was found guilty in the second trial but the conviction was overturned on appeal.

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    New interesting article on 25th anniversary of the murders. So sad there never was justice in the case


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