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    Sexual Predators Push To Overturn Law Designed To Keep Them Away From Children


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A group of sexual predators in Jacksonville wants to overturn the city ordinance that requires them to keep their distance from places where children congregate.

    Five registered sexual offenders in Duval County have been trying to change the city law, which requires them to live 2,500 feet from a park, school, day care, and other places where children gather.

    One of the men named in the legal proceedings, Stephen Schmidte, is on probation for lewd and lascivious assault on a minor. Schmidt was not at available to comment on the group's efforts, but Harold Bailey, who knows Schmidte, said the city law is unfair.

    "If it goes any further, he is going to have to move to the country somewhere and build a town out there," Bailey said.

    Bailey's concern is one of the reasons why the law has been challenged.

    The public defender said the city's law conflicts with state law, which requires sexual offenders to keep a distance of 1,000 feet from schools and parks.

    The sexual offenders trying to change the law argue that the city ordinance is unconstitutional. They said the wording is vague and it's double jeopardy, in that they have already served their time for their crimes and the law is like a second sentence.

    More at link..........

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    Aww hell no!

    Why do they think they should still have these rights!!!
    Better yet, why do they???!!!!
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    Poor babies...Not!
    IMHO they gave all rights towards any kind of legistlation of this type when they not only committed but were convicted of the crimes that warrented being listed on the sexual offenders lists. Should of thought of that before you committed a sexual crime..as we all no most will reoffend and escalate in their behaviors as time passes. There is no rehabilitation and this is barely minimal securityin my eyes.. there is no way to really know if they are visting places within those boundries.. unless someone reports them or they are stopped for some reason..

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    Nothing like filing an suit to remind your neighbors you're a convicted child molster they don't want in their neighborhood.

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    I guess they do not realize that in Florida child molestor scum bags still get hired to work at schools..

    Their fight will only make them more obvious!! Thank you so much for dumb ass criminals!!
    If they win this battle I will have to say that we all need to fix some things.
    WHy do we afford dirt balls rights at all??
    We do not let them vote yet... they can be afforded other civil rights??
    Break this down... We will not let them vote for a county seat ... yet we will let them have rights to access our children?? The very victims they seek??

    I wonder if their prey was a mayor how many rights they would have??

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