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    Woman Trapped, Critically Injured In Car Wash

    Police said a woman working at Soapy's Car Wash in Ocala, Fla., Thursday somehow became trapped in the machine used to wash vehicles.

    The woman apparently became entangled in a hose that pulled her into a spinning brush called a Gyro, according to a report.

    A manager was able to shut the equipment off with an emergency button and call 911.


    No more washing the car for ME!

    i hope she'll be alright.

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    Wow, that is scary.

    A friend of mine got caught in one of those things. When she went to pull out, the doors dropped on the front of her car. Then the dryer fans went on. She tried to call 911 on her cell phone, but it didn't work there...so she tried to get out so she could get help, but about got sucked out of the vehicle. She said she had her legs wrapped around the steering wheel. She then began to honk, and a guy that was getting gas just thought she was honking at him. He turned, but didn't realize that she was in trouble. She kept honking and he finally just waved her off...he never did understand that she needed help. She finally got someone's attention...

    She's never been back to one of those things again.

    I hope the woman in the story (you posted) will be okay. It sounds like she really was injured badly...

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