It makes no sense to Thomas Frazza's neighbors, or to John and Kevin Frazza's friends, or to the neighbor who remembers the Frazza family laughing as they walked to the beach from their summer home.

Many who know the family cannot believe that Thomas Frazza would place a .357 Magnum to the heads of his two sons and end their young lives.

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I'm going to have to refrain from commenting on events such as this. I will never ever understand it. I've noticed quite often that it all boils down to money - or the lack thereof. For the parents who are even considering something like this...hey, think about it - maybe, just maybe your kids don't put as much stock in the dollar as you do. Maybe, just maybe they never considered it important anyway - at least not important enough to kill or die for. Maybe, just maybe learning to pull yourself up by the bootstraps is a very important lesson to learn - you'll come out stronger and better because of it. Maybe, just maybe you are wrong - life is still worth living.

God, help us all.