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    AK - Anchorage, 'Fire Island Man' WhtMale 716UMAK, 39-55, overbite, Jul'89


    Unidentified White Male

    • The victim was discovered on July 24, 1989 on the west side of Fire Island off-shore from Anchorage, Alaska
    • Estimated Date of Death: unknown
    • Cause of Death: unknown
    • Remains badly decomposed
    • Called the" Fire Island Man" by Law Enforcement

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 39-55 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'10"-6'2"; 180-200 lbs.
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Possibly dark hair; unknown eye color. He had dark colored body hair; previous broken nose and or facial injury.
    • Dentals: Available. He had unusual and somewhat rare dental work including a porcelain and gold dental bridge; authorities suspect the facial injury was the reason for the extensive dental work. He also had a severe over-bite.
    • Clothing: unknown
    • Fingerprints: Available.
    • DNA: Available.

    Case History
    The badly decomposed body of the victim wahed ashore on the west side of Fire Island near Anchorage, Alaska on July 24, 1989.

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    Interesting that he was found on the west side of the island...

    You can see how this island is situated here:

    I have a few theories about this John Doe:

    a) He mired himself in the glacial mud that is much of the shoreline in those parts. Apparently people die there every year, I suspect mostly people "from Outside". Basically because the Inlet is so shallow, at every low tide there are just miles and miles of mud comprised of glacial silt. It looks firm enough to walk on, because the silt is so dark, but is more like quicksand in how it acts. If you get mired in the mud, you'll drown when the tide comes in.

    b) There were abandoned sites there belonging to the Air Force and the FAA. Presumably one or more of these could have worked as a shelter. Historically, the island was used by the Dena’ina for seasonal fish camps. If he knew this, he could have set up there during summer and if he was a real "backwoods" type, might not have left much trace (or others did the same things, so who could tell the difference?).

    c) He died on one of the rivers/glaciers to the north and west of the island, and washed down and came in on the current.

    The lack of clothing is problematic, because it would help establish the time of year when he died. Anchorage is still experiencing spring in June. If he was dressed in lighter clothing he could only have died in June, July or August of the previous year unless he was preserved by cold water/ice. Of course, if he was up in the mountains he could have dressed for winter in summer.

    I find this one intriguing...I hope someone can solve this!!! My feeling is that knowing how free-spirited many Alaskans are, and given that so many people go there to start over, if he disappeared no one might have reported him missing. There is a substantial homeless population, as well. I suspect that part of the population would assume that someone fell afowl of mother nature if they did not come back from a fishing trip.

    Of course, there is also always the possibility that he was seasonal labor on a fishing boat, and was dumped into the Inlet rather than someone wanting to deal with law enforcement. That might explain the lack of clothes, if not that they simply rotted away...

    It's been so long...anyone know anything else about this guy?

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    Lyndal Ashby? Even matches up on the report Lyndals family recieved that he had died in Alaska, although the year is off.
    Size and age match and I think the reconstructions have a resemblance to Lyndal.

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    bumping to move over to the UID forum.

    No NamUs link for this UID

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    Here is a recon of this man...

    I think this man is a great match:
    Ralph Allen Newcombe

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    Was just coming here to post about Ralph Allen Newcombe, but I see I'm three years late! All the stats are pretty close, and Ralph was last seen three months prior to when our John Doe was found. His truck was found at the Alaska Ferry Terminal.

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    Does anyone have a contact with police in the Anchorage area so that we can get this guy into NamUs? I just noticed that he's still not in there.

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