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    CT - 3-Year-Old Locked In Room for Month as Punishment for Swearing

    LITCHFIELD, Conn. A Torrington man and his girlfriend have been charged with risk of injury after a 3-year-old boy was found locked in a room in their home with a broken arm.

    Police said the boy was forced to stay in the room for a month as punishment for swearing. He was allowed to leave only to use the toilet for a bowel movement. A 20-ounce soda bottle was provided when he had to urinate, according to the police report.

    The child's father, Jeremy Lacey, 29, and his girlfriend, Mistee Lee Lemons, 27, were charged with three counts of risk of injury to a minor ordered held on $150,000 bonds. They are scheduled to return to court on Aug. 2.

    The boy and seven other children in the home were taken into state custody.

    The boy told police he hurt his arm trying to climb on a milk crate to open the door.

    He was found by a neighbor on Monday, who told police she went into the apartment after seeing several children hanging off a second-floor balcony

    Jenny Loomis told the Register Citizen of Torrington that when she unlocked the bedroom door and saw the boy with a bloody lip and cradling his swollen arm, she was devastated.

    "I was shaking and it took everything I had not to cry about what I was seeing," Loomis said.

    "When I opened the door and told him he could come out, he looked around and said he was not allowed to talk," she said. "I thought something has to be done."


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    I wonder where the little boy's mother was.
    Where did these 7 other kids come from?

    At least the neighbor wasn't afraid to get involved and help these kids. God Bless her.

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    It says in the article all 8 kids were offspring of either the father or the girlfriend.

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    Locked in a room for a month...as a punishment for swearing? I bet he learned the swear word from either the dad or the girlfriend...

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