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    AL - Montgomery, Decomposed Female, in fenced Murphy Oil compound, Jul'06

    This was released this morning. The body is badly decomposed, they haven't determined much besides saying it is a female. They don't know how long the body could have been there. I'll let you know if I hear more.
    Womans Body found near Business

    These are the first two that came to mind ....

    Link for Laquanta

    and Auburn isn't far away at all so here is

    Laura Slesinski's Link - Auburn

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    It seems Laquanta's remains would be skeletonized by now from 2003 but there is a possibility it could be Lori. If LE said badly decomposed that would be about right as Lori went missing in June.

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    Good Point

    It sounds too new to be Laquanta and since i strongly suspect foul play with Laura, I don't thik its either of them.

    UID -- No Foul Play suspected

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    The links are dead but the archive search in Montgomery Adviser yields the following preview dated Jul 20 2006. You gotta pay to see more, which I didn't.

    A pest control worker discovered the decomposed body just after 9 a.m. in a fenced-in area behind Murphy Oil Co., 420 Hunter Loop Road, said Capt. Huey Thornton, a Montgomery police spokesman. Because of the condition of the body, investigators could not identify the woman or determine a cause of death, Thornton said


    MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The body of a woman was found inside the fenced compound of a west Montgomery fuel depot.

    According to Montgomery Police Captain Huey Thornton, a pest control worker discovered the decomposed body about 9 a-m Thursday behind Murphy Oil Company on Hunter Loop Road.
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    I can't find any follow up on this case. A search of NamUS shows the earliest UID in Alabama was located in 2007.
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