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    CA - Kristine Johnson, 21, found murdered, Hollywood Hills, 15 Feb 2003

    The Santa Monica Daily Press has been following the trial of Victor Paleologus, charged with the murder of Kristi Johnson in February 2003. Kristi, originally from Michigan, was going to college in L.A. and was an aspiring actress.

    This is one of those cases where it seems so completely obvious to me that the guy is guilty based on his history. I remember when I first read about Kristi's murder, and I felt so sad for her family. I know I'm not at the trial, seeing and hearing all of the evidence, but man, I hope the jury puts this guy away forever. There were so many close calls with other women, and I'm sure Kristi wouldn't have been the only one he killed if he hadn't been caught (I think she was his first murder victim).

    Here is the most recent article from the S.M. Daily Press:

    Here is a CourtTV article, with a photo of Kristi:

    Here is the page for Paleologus on the California sex offender registry:


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    Another punk sexual predator but more than likely has murder under his belt.I don't remember this case initially, but his behaviors are consistent with others that prey on people and escalate into the ultimate...murder.

    I hope justice serves him a nice dish.

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    No physical evidence

    Yes, hopefully the jurors will consider Paleologus's past conviction and behavior patterns overwhelmingly convincing. If only there was physical evidence linking him to Kristi's murder, but unfortunately there is none (not produced so far by prosecutors, anyway).

    "(Defense attorney Andrew) Flier reportedly said in his opening statement last week that none exists and that his client is innocent."

    Attempted Rape Victim Testifies in Murder Case

    I don't think so.


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    I think that this guy killed Kristi. I just don't know if there is enough evidence to convict him. If he is let go, he will surely continue to prey on young girls.

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    Paleologus pleads guilty to avoid death penalty:

    Accused Killer Takes Deal

    Two weeks into his capital murder trial, Victor Paleologus, the ex-convict charged with luring and then killing a Santa Monica woman three years ago, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to her murder.

    As part of a plea bargain, the 44-year-old Paleologus escaped the death penalty and will be eligible for parole in 20-plus years. Paleologus, a three-strike felon, is expected to be sentenced to between 25 years and life in state prison for killing 21-year-old Kristine Johnson.

    Prosecutor David Walgren and Paleologusí defense attorney, Andrew Flier, last week briefly discussed a deal that would dismiss the possibility of being put to death if Paleologus admitted to first-degree murder. On Wednesday, he admitted that he met Johnson at the Century City Mall on Feb. 15 of 2003, the day she went missing. He also publicly accepted responsibility for her death.

    ďItís unbelievable,Ē said Johnsonís father, Kirk Johnson, who was present in the courtroom on Wednesday. ďItís totally unexpected. Justice was served.Ē

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