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    IN - Teacher Among 4 Arrested In Internet Sex Sting

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Four men -- including a Perry Township teacher -- were arrested this week on sex charges after they allegedly tried to solicit female juveniles on the Internet, authorities said...

    ...Prosecutors said one of the men delayed his arrival at the meeting spot until he finished a Bible class. Another had spent the day baby-sitting a 6-year-old niece, prosecutors said...

    Well, there's nothing I can say that I haven't said many, many times before...

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    Oh that is really good...he was late because he had to finish a bible class hypocrite

    Then we have the wonderful uncle that was babysitting his 6 yr old niece....I'll bet that little girl's parents about pooped when they found out about his "date." I'd be talking to my little 6 yr old about "good touch...bad touch" if that was my little girl to find out if there had been any "bad touching" by uncle.

    And let's not forget this teacher....another teacher who likes young kids.

    What a sickness this is. I would think that by now everyone everywhere would have heard about LE on the internet pretending to be young kids! They just can't stay away can they? They are willing to take the risk just incase it might really be a young kid. I'm glad that they are still going for it but wouldn't you think they would be afraid? I guess the impulse is far more powerful then common sense. Hope they all get some heavy duty sentences and not just a slap on the hand. Keep up the good work LE

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