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    Nine years detention for supermarket child rapist, 15

    This happened a busy supermarket. in a toilet . . .

    British news today:

    Nine years detention for rapist, 15

    "A teenager who raped an 11-year-old girl in the toilet of a busy supermarket was sentenced to nine years' detention."


    "He told the boy the rape had been aggravated by the fact that the slightly-built victim had been "abducted" from her mother while she was visiting the usually safe environment of the store.

    "You took an opportunity when (the victim) became separated from her mother." the judge told the defendant.

    "You seized her from behind and, with her eyes and her mouth covered by your hands, you dragged her to a toilet cubicle.

    "The incident appears to have been concluded abruptly because of the fortunate arrival of somebody else into the toilet block."

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    With such a history of sexual misconduct, I just don't think 9 years is long enough. And being on the SO Registry doesn't mean doodley-squat most of the time.

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    I wonder what caused this behavior to start or if the boy had been harmed at a younger age or if he is mentally ill. I know that rapists do start at some point, but what causes this at a young age.