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    TX - Affidavit details violent Grapevine attack

    I read about this case yesterday but at the time it was thought the attacker was an intruder. Supposedly, the intruder beat the mom but the daughter intervened and ran him off. Only when they got mom (alive) to the hospital did they find out the truth.

    Dallas Morning News
    A Grapevine woman beat her mother with a Lava lamp, stabbed her repeatedly and smashed a large picture frame over her head before attempting to suffocate her with a plastic bag, according to an affidavit released Friday...
    ...The women initially told police an intruder had knocked on the door and barged into the home when the door was opened. Ms. Miller and Ms. Britt both claimed to have fought off the man, police said...

    ...But their story fell apart when officers viewed the crime scene, Sgt. Bob Murphy said...


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    An even more detailed article. And all I can say is WOW! That is some crazy daughter!
    Miller ( daughter) arrived at their home about 5 a.m. Thursday after spending the night with her boyfriend.
    Shortly before 7 a.m., the attack occurred in Britt’s bedroom. The two wrestled to the floor after Miller had attempted to suffocate her mother.

    As they fought, Miller cursed her mother and told her she hated her.

    Once they were on the floor, Miller picked up the picture frame and smashed it on Britt’s head.

    Britt told police Miller cut her with a shard of glass from the frame...

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    OMG with a daughter like that, who needs enemies? How could the fruit of one's loins turn so ... rotten? Yikes.

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