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    DeLand teen fends off gator with Crocodile Hunter maneuver

    "I told them if they caught it, I want to buy it." he said. "It tried to eat me, so I'm going to eat it."

    Workman, 16, of DeLand, had just driven 10 hours from a job and was now waiting on the bank of the Lake County side of the river for his two friends to return. One friend had gone to find his girlfriend who lived nearby on River Road in Astor. Another had wandered off.

    "I wanted to go home," he said by phone later Sunday from Florida Hospital in DeLand. "And go to sleep." '

    It was dark and the trees rustled in the wind. Bored, he began skipping rocks along the water. Ker-plunk. Ker-plunk.

    "Alligators are ambush predators," said Kat Kelly, a spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. "Throwing rocks and sticks sounds like fish to them." The water was warm and murky, Workman said, his ankles submerged about 2 to 3 inches. Then crack, he heard what sounded like two pieces of wood slapping together. When he looked down, an alligator's jaw was clenched around his left ankle. It thrashed, yanking Workman into the water.


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    That sounds fair!

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    CRIKEY !!!!!!!!!!

    Just my worth. Some days/posts thats real value, on others, I might need to give back change! IMO

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    Nothing like the Crocodile Hunter really...he wouldnt poke the poor thing in the eye..he rather take it home and let his kids have it for a pet

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