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    TN - Another Teacher Arrested


    This is less than 10 miles from my home. The town is about the size of Walnut Grove from Little House On The Prairie. Why can't these teachers find people their own age to fool around with???!!!

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    I will never in my lifetime be able to understand why some people act the way they do. Maybe she needs to go see the woman in this thread:

    Once a teacher's character was just as important as her knowledge of a subject. But it's been years since we've been allowed to teach a Social Studies curriculum which included citizenship and morals.

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    Man! What is wrong with these women? Don't they watch the news and know you can't get away with this? Notice how the majority of them are blondes? Wonder if there's any signifigance in that?

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    My wife is a teacher and we've talked about this a lot.

    It seems like a lot of these women arrive at what is essentially a sexual deviance through a sort-of female "Peter Pan" syndrome. That is, it appears they don't ever grow up inside. A few, like Pam Smart, were actually just manipulative psychopaths who used teen boys as easy marks. Others, like Mary Kay, had a combination of mood disorder (I believe she really is bipolar, and that alone is no big deal, nor an indicator a woman will be a sexual predator), and immaturity.

    Look at MKLTF (Mary Kay LeTourneau Fulauu) now -- most recent interview I saw, this woman, now in her 40s, I think, reminded me of a simpering, baby-talking teen. For some of these female teachers then, the attraction of high school teaching and high school boys is the sense that they never have to leave what they might have felt were their salad days. I think some of them emotionally never leave high school, then look what happens: they come back, they are perceived as more mature, and they have the "power" position if they are in a relationship with a teen.

    Teachers know it if a student is attracted to them, sometimes. They also know it isn't something to be encouraged, but I'm sure that the older the student, the more flattering it is. Some of these people can't get past that "not to be encouraged" part.

    I don't mean these women aren't predatory -- they are. I just think they arrive at predatory behavior from a slightly different angle than their male counterparts.


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    Steve, that makes sense, but I'll still rip the heart out of anyone of these beyotches that comes near one of my kids.

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