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    Missing Teens & Preteens, California

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/700dfca.html Candance Lynn Starr, 16, LA County.

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/73dfca.html Rachel Hanna Ziselman, 11, LA County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/129dfca.html Diane Genice Dye, 13, Santa Clara County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/82dfca.html Alma Violet Root, 14, Placer County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/1247dfca.html Mary Ann Hogland-McCluskey, 12, Sonoma County

    Right Click working again. Weird. But here are some more.

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/1521dfca.html Julie Renae Terry, 15, Orange County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/319dfca.html Ruth Ann Leamon, 16, Stanislaus County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/236dfca.html Pamela Ann Pedro, 17, Merced County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/889dfca.html Debra Pscholka, 12, Riverside County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/1099dfca.html Sherry Pickle, 16, Long Beach
    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/863dfca.html Corrine Groenenberg, 16, Stanislaus County

    http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/931dfca.html Lulaida Sejalbo, 17, Santa Clara County
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    Candace Lynn Starr has been identified, and although she was from the area, she was not one of Bradford's victims. She was killed in 1975 in New Mexico, shot by her boyfriend who abducted her, Michael Singh. She was also a friend of mine.
    This is the year to locate Mark Dribin http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ht=Mark+Dribin NamUs MP#876 and Ilene Misheloff http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...lene+Misheloff NamUs MP#6410 and bring them home to their families!

    Parents watch your children. Free-range parenting leads to more child victims.

    Cruelty to humans begins with cruelty to animals.

    I believe in closure, not forgiveness. I'm also unapologetically judgemental.