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    FL - Heather Mobley, 20, killed in hit & run crash, Ocoee, 29 July 2006

    OCOEE, Fla. -- Eyewitness News has uncovered new information in the crash that killed a local woman. The driver of the other car left her to die, but investigators now believe they know who they are looking for.

    The Ocoee woman was killed when her Ford Escort was hit by a Hummer. Eyewitnesses saw a man and several other people jump out of the Hummer on Saturday night in Ocoee and take off.

    Monday afternoon, investigators released a picture of the suspect who was driving and his name. A witness positively identified Javier Trevino as the man who was driving the Hummer that hit and killed Heather Mobley.

    Trevino, 21, of Ocoee, was the man troopers said was driving the Hummer that slammed into Mobley's Ford Escort near McCormick and Ingram in Ocoee on Saturday night. Troopers said Trevino, and as many as four others, left the damaged Hummer behind and, within moments, left the scene in someone else's car, someone believed to be an innocent passerby, as Mobley lay dying or dead

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    I think this idiot's father ought to be charged with something as well. His son has a "lengthy criminal record", may have been drinking, and he hands him the keys to a hummer? No way. He shouldn't even have the keys to a unicycle.

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    They must have been doing something that would have landed them in trouble or they wouldn't have left the vehicle and took off. Did the driver really think that LE wouldn't catch up with him? The vehicle had to be in someone's name

    I wonder if anyone stopped for the lady? I hope she didn't lay there and die all alone. How sad.

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