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    Woman Saves Dogs From Attacking Otter-Florida

    WEST BOCA, Fla. -- A Boca woman jumped into a canal to save her dogs after a crazed otter attacked the animals.

    Leah Vanon was walking her lab, Jasmine, and toy terrier, Wiley, this week, along a grassy stretch near a canal. The petite mother of two spotted the four otters and decided to stop and watch them play.

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    I have to ask...

    As this agressive otter was walking towards her ??? She just stood there??

    Lets be honest .... She thought it was cute the otter was approaching and let it happen..

    Its not called WILDlife for nothing!

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    I have an otter family that lives in the marsh right behind my house. I steer clear of them because regardless of what that article said Otters can and do carry rabbies. A rabid otter attacked a boy here on Tybee a few years ago.

    Welcome to the World Baby Caleb!!!

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