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    Woman, 85, Left in Vault at Swiss Bank

    ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) -- An 85-year-old woman was found in the vault of a Swiss bank when she set off motion detectors hours after the bank was already closed, according to a statement released Wednesday.

    Employees at the Zuercher Kantonalbank apparently forgot about the woman.

    The director of the bank's safe allowed the woman into the vault on Monday before closing it punctually at 4:30 p.m. local time - with the woman still deep in study of her documents, ZKB said.

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    I would have been ROLLING around nekkid in all that cash!!!!! No one would want it after I was done with it, so they'd probably just make me take it home with me.

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    She probably took a nap...lol.

    I hope they do give her some financial compensation. They should know when someone is in the vault.

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