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    Western Carolina U plans Body Farm

    By Tim Whitmire, Associated Press
    CULLOWHEE, N.C. The 6.5-horsepower wood chipper sitting in the middle of John Williams' forensic anthropology lab run is no macabre joke. Yes, a wood chipper did figure in the bloody climax of the 1996 film "Fargo." And yes, the professor at Western Carolina University has run human bones through this particular Briggs & Stratton model.
    But Williams, of course, isn't trying to dispose of any dead bodies. Rather, he's a student of how the human body decomposes.

    He needed the chipper for a study on what the machine does to bone, a study commissioned by attorneys suing a Georgia crematorium owner charged with dumping and chipping human remains he had been given for incineration.

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    Well, I have a list of people that could use as "bodies": William Craig Miller, Kevin Underwood, Dale Shawnessy O'Neil, that...woman...who contracted her daughter out to her boyfriend, Jennifer & Alex Woods, plus many more...Do they have to be "dead"? Shucks. Why don't we just stake 'em out there and see how long it takes them to decompose?

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