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    CA - Police Make Disturbing Finds After Arrest, Hidden Hills

    Police arrest a man who they say was living in a home he wasn't supposed to be living in. But more disturbing is what police say they found inside the newly-built home in the Hidden Hills development...
    ...Police say inside the home they found a 12-gauge shotgun, shotgun shells, handgun bullets, pictures -- including one pornographic picture, a hand-made strangulation device, rope, duct tape, binoculars, notebooks and flash cards with different street addresses in the neighborhood...

    ...Police say some of the flash cards had descriptions of women who lived at the addresses and say some of those descriptions were sexual. Police say they also found keys to several homes in the area. Police also found a prescription bottle belonging to a neighbor as well as pictures belonging to a college student who lives in the neighborhood...

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    Good grief, what kind of plans did this sicko have..............

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    That is disturbing to say the least. The sad thing is, he probably won't receive that much jail time unless he actually kidnapped someone already. Even though we can all imagine what he intended to do with those items. Clearly he is someone who belongs behind bars for quite a long time. For the girls moving in, thank god he was outside and not hiding in the house ready to attack them. Although I can't imagine that they feel very safe knowing what kind of pervert was living there before them.

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    He is a convicted felon. I wonder what else he has done and if he is on parole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SewingDeb
    He is a convicted felon. I wonder what else he has done and if he is on parole.
    Ya know, I think people like this are the reason that some, I don't know if all states do it, states now make ALL felons give DNA and they keep it on record forever... even after probabtion or parole is up.

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