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    NM - Anthonette Cayedito, 9, Gallup, 6 April 1986


    Anthonette Christine Cayedito
    Missing since April 6, 1986 from Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico
    Classification: Non Family Abduction

    Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: December 25, 1976
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 9 years old
    Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4'7; 55 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: White/Hispanic female. Brown hair; brown eyes.
    Marks, Scars: Moles on her right cheek, nose, ankle and back. She has scars on her knee and lip.
    <LI>Clothing: A knee-length pink nightgown

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Cayedito was last seen on April 6, 1986 in her family's Gallup, New Mexico home. Her sister told authorities that Cayedito opened the front door after an unidentified male knocked at approximately 3:00 AM. Her sister reported that the man claimed to be their Uncle Joe. He allegedly grabbed Cayedito as she opened the door and forced her into a vehicle. Authorities questioned Cayedito's uncle regarding her disappearance, but he is not considered a suspect and was never thought to be involved in her abduction. Cayedito has never been heard from again. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance.

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    I was reading about this little girl the other day. Its like something from a horror film, her being grabbed in the night like that.

    Got this from Meggily Weggilys site www.charleyproject.org

    "There were several possible sightings of her in the days after her disappearance; she was allegedly seen at a restaurant with a man and kept dropping her fork. After the girl and the man left, someone found a note from the girl asking for help and the police. It has not been confirmed that the girl in the restaurant was Cayedito."

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    Sounds like whoever took her knew who she was and planned on taking her. This wasn't a crime of opportunity.Also sounds like she could still be alive (hopefully).

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    Aw how sad that she was trying to draw attention to herself if that was indeed her in the restaurant. Have her family been known to speak publicly about all this?

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    It says on the Unsolved Mysteries website that a year after she was abducted a girl claiming to be her called 911, screaming her name into the phone. The dispatcher asked her where she was but before she could answer a man got on the phone and ended the call. That was the last Anthonette was heard from. Her mother feels certain it was her little girl on the 911 call. The call went into the Gallyup, NM 911 center so if it was her that means she was still in the area.

    I fear whoever tool Anthonette got more than they bargained for and probably ended up killing her. At least twice that we know of she tried to get help and at some point her abductor probably viewed her as a liability. Although cases like Jaycee Duggard give us hope.
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    In Pennsylvania, but wishing she was some place else.
    I wonder if the 911 call was really from Anthonette or was it a cruel hoax. It's been so many years since went missing, it would be nice if they got new leads.

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    Praying for Anthonette's safe return...

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    Reyes said investigators initially classified 10-year-old Antionette Cayedito as a possible abduction following her disappearance on April 6, 1986. But detectives now suspect Cayedito may have been killed. Her story was featured on television program Unsolved Mysteries shortly after her disappearance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    I wonder why they think she was killed? Do they think she was immediately killed, or do they think it was later? I always thought that it probably was her on the telephone when the mother received the call from Albuquerque, but that the little girl probably wouldn't have survived long after that.

    The sighting in the restaurant was intriguing, but I'm not convinced the girl was Anthonette. She wrote "Help Me" (or something similar) on a napkin, but why not write her name, or her phone number, or something to give the waitress a clue. I think that A) it was a kid messing with the waitress or B) it was unrelated to Anthonette's case.

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    I wondered that too Mr.E

    I couldn't find any more info than that unfortunately. I'll keep looking.

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    From what I recall on the UM episode, the police played the tape of the phone call to her mother and she was convinced it was her daughter by the way she pronounced their last name, Cayedito, being heavily accented the same exact way her daughter did.

    I tend to agree with most though in that she probably did become too much of a liability and was possibly killed soon after her contacts. Then again, she could have easily been taken to Mexico and God knows what could have happened there.

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    Does anyone know if there has been any progress in the case since LE started considering Anthonette might have been killed? Her story has always bothered me, perhaps because she was close to my age when went missing. I was thinking about her this morning and started to wonder if she was ever truly abducted. After reading that LE thinks she might have been killed, I was wondering if they think her family is involved. I recall having seen Anthonette's segment on UM multiple times. Her mother always seemed very sincere to me. Anthonette is one of the cases I just can't seem to shake.

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    I'm wondering if her family has ever contacted any medicine man/woman to "see" what might have happened to her. Being of native heritage I'm sure that one or more has been contacted. I live about 30 miles from this place and i've never forgotten about Anthonette and hoped that one day she will be returned to her family.

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