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    UT/WY/NV/ID - The Great Basin Murders, 1983-1997

    Has anyone else ever heard of this?

    APBNews.com: The Great Basin Murders

    Winner, Creative Use of the Medium, Online Journalism Awards 2000. Coverage of the unsolved murders of nine women whose bodies were found scattered across the Great Basin desert region of Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. "ABPNews.com made excellent use of the whole palette of media types to cast light on a series of murders, little known elsewhere. Audio, video, scanned police reports, maps and photos of the victims make the stories come alive in a way that print publications couldn't do," the judges said.

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    Great Basin Murders
    apbnews.com Staff
    At least nine dead. Last body found: Aug. 15, 1997


    Authorities in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho are investigating the deaths of at least nine women as serial crimes, according to Lt. Mike King of the Utah attorney general's office. King and Provo Police Department Chief Greg Cooper, a former FBI profiling expert, are co-coordinators of Utah Criminal Tracking Analysis Project (UTAP), a project that brings together separate agencies investigating these cases.

    The majority of the women were killed within the last 10 years, however one case dates to 1983. Investigators believe there are at least two killers responsible.

    Some investigators involved believed that the same person was responsible for killing three of the victims between 1990 and 1993. These slayings occurred in Millard and Juab counties in Utah, and in Elko, Nev. There was also a killing in St. George, Utah, in 1991 that was thought to also be linked to this sub-cluster. However, in March 1999 police arrested the husband of the Juab County victim and charged him with her murder. It's unknown how this links to the other cases, according to authorities.

    VICTIMS At least four of the victims have still not been identified. All of the victims were women. Some were hitchhikers, prostitutes or women who frequented truck stops. However, at least one victim was described by police as "an all-American girl."
    More at link:


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    A DESOLATE DUMPING GROUND FOR KILLERS Unknown Victims, Unsolved Murders Plague Great Basin
    Sept. 7, 1999

    NEW YORK (APBnews.com) -- The Great Basin, a vast, arid bowl sprawling between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada, gets its name from an odd geographical trait: Its few rivers find no outlet to the sea. Instead, they dribble into the basin's low spots and evaporate.

    Water isn't the only thing that collects in the empty expanses of the Great Basin. Since 1983, killers have found the region's lonely highway interchanges the perfect dumping grounds for corpses.

    In the Great Basin states of Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and Idaho, authorities are investigating the deaths of nine women whose bodies turned up near highways that cross the empty scrub land.

    Vestiges of deadly violence

    The women were strangled, shot, stabbed. Many were stripped nude, aggressively sexually abused and assaulted beyond what would be necessary to kill them.

    Their bodies were found on hilltops, in snowbanks, rivers or desolate expanses of desert. Some were purposefully posed on their backs, arms spread in the shape of a cross, decomposing faces scanning the sky for weeks or months until found by a deer hunter or trucker.

    Years after the crimes, identities of three of the slain women are still unknown.

    More at link:

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