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    What do you make of this?

    Justice for Jonbenet!

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    I read about this on google news the other day, and the article was a bit longer. It said that some people are thinking the water has some sort of healing properties to it because they had skin and other ailments that wouldn't respond to other treatments, but responded and went away when exposed to the water! Very stranged, indeed! It IS really interesting that even the tree experts who have come and examined it are really stumped, also! Hmmm...what's up with that, anyway?

    The google news article that I read the other day didn't have a pic, so it was interesting to see the pic that was in the aol news article that you posted. I had pictured a little trickle coming out of the tree, but after seeing the picture, it is definately NOT a little trickle...it's a small stream of water!!!

    WOW. I HAVE to follow up on this!!!!

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    I am not sure what to think of this either. I am STUMPED also.

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    I saw this too, very strange..Have anybody though to check under the tree for a long forgotten hidden "Keg of Beer" that the root's might have tap into.. That could account for the consent small stream of water like substance coming out of the tree...

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    They shouldn't have planted that tree so close to that abandoned outhouse.

    A root probably tapped into the field of some nearby septic system.

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    As a child we had a hollow tree stump that a spring fed thru. The tree had once been good sized so the stump was about a foot and a half wide. A board had been placed around the stump so you could stand with out slipping too much and get water from the stump.

    My Indian great grandmother said if you could find one of these, on a full moon you could look into it and see your future husband or wife. I never saw anything but my reflection. The water was sweet and cold and great for those times the water at the house had to be shut off to repair a pipe. We washed our hair in it and took sponge baths. It was in the woods and everyone in the neighborhood, (we lived way out in the country) would come from miles around with flashlights to take a stroll to the flowing well. You had to drive to get there and then walk to the stump. Just one of those magical mysteries the world had to offer.