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    UK - Nicola Fellows, 10, & Karen Hadaway, 9, Moulsecoomb, Brighton, 9 Oct 1986

    Nicky aged 9 and Karen aged 10 were best friends. One evening they disappeared togetherand their parents, after searching for them, called in police.

    Their bodies were found soon. laying side by side in a place called wild park where Nicky had loved to climb trees. They had been sexually assaulted before and after death.

    Russell Bishop, 23 was arrested and charged. He was a friend of Nickys Dad, Barrys and the family had even invited him into their home when he had had nowhere to stay.

    The case became known as The babes in the wood murders.When the case came to court Bishop was described as a harmless fantasist but it was admited he had been seen in the park at the time the girls died. He was declared not guilty but police stated they were not looking for anyone else.

    People being people the gossip then started and one day the family came home to find the word murderer daubed in paint on their door. People would stop talking if the family approached etc. the couple split up after 15 years together.

    On Feb 4th the third anniversary of Nickys funeral, Bishop was arrested again. He was accused of sexually assaulting and strangling a 7 yaer old girl and leaving her for dead. Thankfully she survived. He was found guilty of kidnapping, indecent assault and attempted murder and sentenced to life.

    Nickys uncles began a campaign to have th law changed so that criminals could be charged for the sane crime twice. The act was scrapped in 2003.

    Nicky felt unable to stay friends with Karens mum as the pain was to much and happily Nickys mum has remarried. a new parole officer has been assigned to the case but Bishop now 39 has been granted a parole hearing. If sucessful he could be out by January after serving 16 years.


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    Parole Hearings...

    Quote Originally Posted by missacorah
    ...Nickys uncles began a campaign to have th law changed so that criminals could be charged for the sane crime twice. The act was scrapped in 2003. ... a new parole officer has been assigned to the case but Bishop now 39 has been granted a parole hearing. If sucessful he could be out by January after serving 16 years....
    Even if a law had managed to pass which would allow a person to be tried again for a crime previously acquitted for, it would not have applied to this individual, as it would be an "Ex Post Facto Law". Some times, a prosecutor can dismiss or drop charges due to lack of evidence, but retain the right to prosecute later. This was obviously not the case here and the perpetrator seems to have "walked".

    It could be argued that criminal activity AFTER a crime does not necessarily prove that the accused actually committed the first act. There are cases where a conviction has been overturned because a prosecutor introduced other convictions which took place subsequent to the most recent conviction, because it was ruled that mentioning SUBSEQUENT misconduct was prejudicial to the accused.

    In spite of all that, however, Parole Hearings are a whole different matter, and they do not have the same convoluted legalistic requirements regarding what can be presented to the Parole Board. You - or anyone - has a right to contact the parole board and present information as to why or why not the convict should be parolled. You could present the previous case information and state your own beliefs regarding his connection with the murders.

    One of the main questions that a Parole Board has to consider is: will he be a repeat offender? In this case presenting the information concerning the older case would tend to confirm, that YES indeed he would be a likely repeat offender.

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    I'm with Richard on this one, I would do everything possible to contact the parole board and provide them with court transcripts if possible-notarized, legal documents is possible and if anything a simple letter mentioning the previous crime and evidence that may tie him to the case.

    I wonder if they had to retest the evidence if they could at least tie Bishop to the crime somehow-even if the guy walked and cannot be retried at least the evidence would be there to support it-be it DNA or other solid evidence. With any evidence and supporting statements from investigators, forensics etc. included with info sent to the parole board that would really help.

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    Agree whole heartedly - some good points raised!

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    You recently sent an email to the Babes in the wood web-site, can I bring your attention to the following march being held to challenge the awful decision made by Sussex Police not to take the case further.

    Ian heffron
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Campaign for Justice for
    Nicola and Karen
    Babes in the Wood.

    The families of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway are to march from Brighton Police Station to Wild Park, on Tuesday 10th October 2006 starting at 2pm.
    They are asking if anyone would like to walk with them, if so, could they either carry a photograph of the girls or a Teddy bear to show support.
    They hope to arrive at Wild Park around the time that the girls were found 4.30pm.

    A judicial review has been commenced and the police have been invited to initially respond.

    The families are shocked that Deputy Chief Constable Nigel Yeo wrongly advised the media that his force had fully reviewed all evidence.
    Neglecting to contact SEVEN Witnesses whose details had been provided to them at the outset of their new investigation.
    This is unacceptable, he then compounds the error by saying, the case remains open and evidence coming forward would be investigated.

    It is now 20 years since these awful crimes were committed, the girls will never be forgotten.

    For more information please contact either;
    Ian Heffron, 01443 730000 or 0787 119 5762.
    Nigel Heffron, 01273 277951.


    Always Remembered
    Never Forgotten
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    JUSTICE for
    Nicola and Karen.
    Join us when we walk
    Brighton Police Station
    Wild Park.
    Tuesday 10th October @ 2pm
    Please bring a Teddy or Photograph of the girls with you to show your support.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
    Sussex Police have refused to Prosecute
    Russell BISHOP.

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    Prime suspect Russell Bishop in murder case could be free April15

    Trust Your Instincts

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    A memorial bench for the child victims of one of Britain's most notorious unsolved murders has been smashed in half by mindless vandals.

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    A man has been arrested over the murders of two girls aged 10 and nine nearly three decades after they were killed.

    The suspect was arrested today by the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team over the deaths of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway.

    The arrest of the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, comes after new evidence emerged which was not available at the time of the original crime.

    This really is fantastic news. There's very little information about the arrest so far, except that the arrestee had been previously charged with the murders but was cleared at trial. No doubt more will emerge soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MelmothTheLost View Post
    There's very little information about the arrest so far, except that the arrestee had been previously charged with the murders but was cleared at trial.
    A correction:

    The Mail report now says:

    "A man was previously arrested and charged with murder, but was cleared at trial."

    Earlier it suggested that the same man had been arrested as had been previously tried.

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    I wonder what the legal reasons are preventing publication in this case.

    I hope it's not connected to this story: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/pe...w-1722940.html

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