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    Other teacher pedophiles prosecuted in Thailand

    From a Thailand newspaper:


    I wonder if this guy was working at the Prachanukul School in Bangkok's Sai Mai district, too?

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    Even the president's brother goes to Thailand for the sex.

    Sunday :: January 04, 2004
    Neil Bush: Juicy Deposition Tidbits

    Too funny. From a deposition of Neil Bush in which he is grilled about his extramarital affairs by the attorney for his former wife Sharon--from New York Daily News :

    Bush: "I had sexual intercourse with perhaps three or four, I don't remember the exact number, women, at different times. In Thailand once, I have a pretty clear recollection that there was one time in Thailand and in Hong Kong." Brown: "And you were married to Mrs. Bush?"

    Bush: "Yes."

    Brown: "Is that where you caught the venereal diseases?"

    Bush: "No."

    Brown: "Where did you catch those?"

    Bush: "Diseases plural? I didn't catch..."

    Brown: "Well, I'm sorry. How ... how many venereal diseases do you suffer from?"

    Bush: "I've had one venereal disease."

    Brown: "Which was?"

    Bush: "Herpes."

    Brown then interrogates Bush's about his various sex partners:

    "Did you pay them for that sex?"

    Bush: "No, I did not."

    Brown: "Pick them up in a sushi house?"

    Bush: "No. ... My recollection is, where I can recall, they came to my room."

    Brown: "Do you know the name of that hotel? I may go to Thailand sometime."

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    And look at this connection with a student Thai club in Boulder who went to that Prachanukul School:


    Here's the list of members of the Thai club in Boulder: