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    PA - Father In DUI Says 4-Year-Old Was At Wheel


    WELLERSBURG, Pa. -- A Central Pennsylvania man accused of drunken driving told state police that his 4-year-old son was at the wheel of his sport utility vehicle when it crashed into a tree.

    Albert Monroe Boyce Jr., 33, of Hyndman, told police that his son was sitting on his lap and turned the wheel too far to one side, sending the SUV off the road.

    Boyce faces a preliminary hearing Sept. 21 on charges of drunken driving, child endangerment, reckless endangerment and driving without a license.

    No phone number for Boyce could be found. Court records do not indicate that he has an attorney, district court officials said.

    Boyce received facial injuries in the crash, and the child was treated and released for unspecified injuries, authorities said.

    Boyce had an open 30-pack of Budweiser and a cooler in the vehicle when the crash occurred July 14, police said.

    This man should be locked up! What Freaking Moron.. who in the H*ll lets a child sit on your lap let alone drive a vehicle! This man doesn't have the sense god gave a turnip... This is a perfect example of why some folks should never be a parent. He should never be allowed be alone with this child without having supervision.

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    What a sorry excuse for a father. He was just lucky they weren't both killed.
    I hope this child's mother gets him far away from his dad.

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