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    Karr (First?) Visited Boulder in 2000.

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    At Least We Had Some Excitement...

    At least we had a lot of excitement the last couple of weeks, and saw posters who hadn't been around in years.

    It's been real. Now to get some catchup z's, huh?

    Who knows, if Karr spends time in the Ca. jail, some inmate may hear something about the owner of the other footprint, Karr needs to tell or make up to prove he was ever there. He's sensitive about people thinking he's a mental case, but his mom may have been as sick as Sybil's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleuthingSleuth
    Eeeew! From the link above: "He wanted attention when he was in the group," said Camilla Edwards, 74, who led the church class. "He definitely monopolized that situation, if he could."

    Karr soon asked Melfa, a real estate broker, about buying the house where Polly Klass was abducted in 1993 by Richard Allen Davis, who later killed her.

    Karr was as obsessed with that murder as he was with JonBenet's, Melfa said."

    Sick. Perhaps he'll sue somebody, win, and buy the Ramsey house.
    Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest. ~ Mark Twain

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